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Attorney Tom Fredericks

I am an attorney with a passion for helping employers achieve their American dream- whether needing help with employee relations or writing a will.

  • Legal strategies and solutions at a sensible price
  • Union free expert; winning over 50 union drives for employers.
  • Keeping agencies and private sector businesses and employers out of court and focused on their productive missions.
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Property Tax Appeals

Do you feel like your Property Taxes are too high? On tax day your local assessor will determine your property's taxable value, and you know what that means - higher taxes. You must act now to obtain an equitable assessed value for your business property. While many insolvent businesses struggle to survive, why should they pay higher taxes?

Property Tax Appeals Flyer

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Human Resources & Corporate Law

  • Corporate legal representation and defense.

  • Human resources consulting including unlimited telephone calls, electronic mail, and management meetings.

  • Management training, employee handbook implementation, staying out of court, remaining union free, and how to maintain and gain competitive advantages.   

  • Create your corporate human resources function.

  • International Law: Understand what it takes to do business in the USA. Our staff is proficient with English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Italian.  


Employee Handbooks

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Farm Directions

70% of Americans do not have a Will. After those Americans die, surviving family members will experience greater difficulties, more legal expenses, longer waits, and unnecessary probate costs all because the decedent did not create a Will. With a WILL probate is usually unsupervised, quick, and simple. Act now to write your own WILL and plan your estate.

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Immigration. Photo credit: AndreyPopov

Unlock Your American Dream with Our Expert Immigration Services!

Are you ready to take the first step towards realizing your American dream? Our USA immigration attorney is here to make that dream a reality! Whether you are seeking a visa, green card, citizenship, or need assistance with asylum or deportation defense, our team of experienced legal professional is  dedicated to guiding you through the complex immigration process. We will help you navigate the intricate maze of immigration laws and regulations, ensuring your rights are protected, and your application stands the best chance of success. Do not let immigration challenges hold you back — partner with us and embark on your journey to a brighter future in the United States. Your American dream awaits, and we are here to help you seize it!

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Client Testimonials

Richard Mergel

President, C. J. Link Lumber Company.

Tom always achieves our corporate objectives. He negotiated 5 labor agreements on behalf of the C. J. Link Lumber Company, Warren Michigan, with the Teamsters, and has served us as our labor and employment attorney with excellence since 1987. Tom has negotiated a wage freeze, health care cost savings, two-tier compensation plans, and a flexible temporary employment program for us which make Link Lumber a super competitive employer and business.

James W. Statham

Federal Mediator, FMCS, U.S. Department of Labor

Tom has effectively served many clients as chief spokesperson during labor negotiations with the Teamsters, UAW, SEIU, UAW, and unions; reaching voluntary agreements without strikes or lockouts. He has both public and private sector experience, and I have often called upon Tom to be a guest lecturer for my Labor Relations and Labor Law courses. I recommend Tom to employers as an effective labor and employment attorney.

Lewis Weiss

Weiss Appraisal Service

I have worked with Tom on multiple tax appeals with the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Tom is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely detailed, efficient, and well organized. He was able to reach positive outcomes for all of the property owners that he represented. Tom has experience as a Michigan Tax Tribunal Judge that has given him great insignts. I highly recommend working with Tom.

Phil Sobeck

owner - Detroit area Chicken Shack restaurants

Call Tom to lower your property taxes. He has lowered my Taxable Values by over $126,950. Thanks to Tom, my business properties have all had their property taxes slashed.

Jumana Judeh


Judge Fredericks decided many cases for me and my clients while he served with the Michigan Tax Tribunal; he applied MTT Rules with fairness and justice. As a property tax appeal attorney, he reduces property taxes for my medical, restaurant, and other commercial clients. Hire Tom to lower your taxes.

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