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Tom Fredericks is Vice Chair, Ingham County Republican Party

On December 3, 2009, Tom Fredericks was appointed Vice Chair of the Ingham County Republican Party. Tom was Co-Chair of the Ingham County 300 Club, and is now an Attorney in Williamston, following ten years of public service with Office of the State Employer.  He is also Professor of Labor Law, and Administrative Law, for CMU.

 Tom stated:

“This is an exciting time for all Republicans; the pendulum is moving away from liberal tax and spend budgets, nanny state regulations, and is swinging in favor of the conservative views of the GOP. Sadly, many of those who voted for Governor Granholm in 2006 have been “blown away;” forced to leave Michigan searching for work. Republican candidates offer practical solutions to Michigan’s problems to create jobs and keep our own children employed here in this State after graduations. Join the Ingham County 300 Club to truly make a difference and make that Republican pendulum swing as far as possible in 2010.”