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Tom Fredericks Speaks at Calley/Kean Reception

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- by the Ingham County Republican Party


October 20, 2010  


 INGHAM COUNTY REPUBLICANS – CALLEY/KEAN EVENTOver 80 Ingham County Republicans were inspired by the GOP’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Michigan State Representative Brian Calley (Portland) at the Country House in Mason, Michigan on October 19, 2010.     
Ingham County Republican Party Vice Chair and Attorney Tom Fredericks welcomed and worked the crowd; reporting that:  “zero Democrat signs were seen during his entire drive from Williamston to Mason. Tom also referenced Governor Granholm’s remark  from her 2006 campaign that “you will all be blown away” and predicted a much stronger wind of November blowing against Democrat candidates and their failed tax, spend, and regulation policies.






Tom Fredericks and Brian Calley   

This event was hosted by JoAnne Kean candidate for Vevay Township Clerk. Ms. Kean thanked the Ingham GOP for selecting her to represent the Party. Ms. Kean spoke of the importance of fair elections, her impressive and extensive qualifications to serve as VeVay Township Clerk and introduced Susan Kosier, her supporter/mentor, and former VeVay Township Clerk for 26 years. Rep. Calley expressed that our State of Michigan needs a completely new management approach. That our current state classified employees are great workers in need of new leadership. That Michigan businesses are stifled by excessive regulations. Calley wants a new approach to everything, and suggested that his running mate, Rick Snyder is an expert at developing business systems. Rep. Calley suggested that the Democrat opponent is looking into his rear view mirror at a Michigan that no longer exists, while the Snyder-Calley ticket plans creative solutions to bring jobs back to Michigan.