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New Book

Tom is teaming up with Private Investigator Jim Carter to write a new book for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce entitled:

The Insider Threat: How to Manage Employee Electronic Use & Safeguard Your Business

What readers will learn from this book:

  • Why your employees may represent the greatest threat to your sensitive corporate data.
  • Tools you can use to protect your data.
  • Implement an effective employee handbook, non-competition agreements, bonus programs, acceptable use policies, and more to protect your business.
  • Employee Constitutional rights of privacy applicable to the employment relationship.
  • Gain the right to monitor employee use of computers and electronic devices.
  • Positive employee counseling and effective discipline.
  • Computer investigations (including computer forensics) and the power of knowing.
  • Hiring and firing.

Tom is focusing on the legal and employment strategies essential to protecting your business: employee handbooks, sensible acceptable computer use policies, non-competition agreements,  counseling and discipline.

Jim’s expertise in recovering stolen data, anticipating and preventing security problems, and preserving evidence for trial will offer war stories and how employers can successfully defend their businesses.

This new book will be published by the Chamber in October, 2013.