2017 Property Tax Appeals

Industrial and Commercial Property Tax Appeals

 December 31, 2016 was Tax Day for 2017. On that day, your local assessor set your property’s taxable value, and we know what that means- higher taxes! You must act now to obtain an equitable assessed value for your business property. Let’s lower your taxes for 2017 and obtain justice for you.

  • Tom will try to lower property taxes by negotiating in good faith with your assessor while striving to preserve a good working relationship.
  • His goal: obtain an equitable value that reduces your fixed costs- making your business more competitive.
  • He will try to avoid added costs: appraisals, hearings, court reporters, and witness fees.

The filing deadline for industrial/commercial appeals with the Michigan Tax Tribunal is May 31, 2017. Tom can help you obtain the evidence you need, however, time is of the essence. Plan for success and begin your appeal today.   Tom Fredericks, decided over 1,000 property tax cases for the Michigan Tax Tribunal. As an attorney, he reduced taxes on many properties:

C.J. Link Lumber- Warren, 30 Detroit area fast food restaurants, Bel Mar II Bowling Center- Trenton, Huron Crest Plaza (retail), 2521 LLC medical office building, Pro-MEC Engineering (industrial), County Manor of  Ile (apartment buildings), Age Grand Blanc (senior assisted living centers), Round Realty (night club), Property 101 (Flint office building), USM building-100,000 square feet of manufacturing in Bad Axe, a medical office building in Dearborn, three Detroit gas stations/convenience stores, a Troy manufacturing facility, and for many Michigan farmers.  

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