2017 Property Tax Appeals

It is property tax time once again in Michigan and you should ask the basic question: Is your property overtaxed?

If so, we can appeal improper assessments. Assessors do make mistakes and their calculations often result in excessive assessments. And your property values may even have gone down. New 2017 assessments are in the mail. What should you do?

  • Michigan’s 2017 inflationary multiplier is 1.009. Therefore, a .9% increase in your property assessments due to inflation may be reasonable.
  • Tax Day for 2017 was December 31, 2016. Your assessor determined your property assessments based on values calculated as of that date.
  • Please examine your 2017 assessment notices to identify possible excessive assessment increases (greater than .9%).
  • Also, if your property has gone down in value; let’s talk.
  • Please send me your 2017 assessment notices for my review.

Let’s discuss possible appeals; but we must appeal commercial/industrial assessments by May 31, 2017. There is no time like the present to obtain tax justice and fairness!

Tom (517) 655-4100

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