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Corporate Law

My goal is to serve as your human resources consultant and corporate attorney. As your HR and legal resource, I would strive to accomplish the following:

  • Corporate legal representation. 
  • Human resources consulting including unlimited telephone calls, electronic mail, and attending management meetings.
  • Training sessions for management to implement the employee handbook, stay out of court, remain union free, and maintain your competitive advantages.
  • Assuming day to day responsibility for your corporate human resources function.     

I recommend that you address and prevent the following threats to your business:

UNIONS: Strategies, tactics, and management training to maintain your union free advantage.Save more than 30% in additional labor costs by staying union free. Your employment policies and programs must be more competitive than union contracts- offer a better deal to employees without union dues.

WRONGFUL DISCHARGE LAWSUITS: Some attorneys require more than$ 10,000 up front just to answer a complaint. Depositions are billed to you at your attorney’s hourly rate plus expert witness fees, too. Judgments in the hundred thousand dollar range are common. Reinstatement of employment may become a remedy, too.

SAFETY/MIOSHA VIOLATIONS: Criminal penalties and jail for willful violations. Other than serious violations: between $ 500 and $1,000. Serious violations- $ 10,000 and more. MIOSHA has the statutory authority to shut down your business.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND CIVIL RIGHTS: Investigators attempt to collect money from employers no matter how frivolous the claim. Employers with no EEO policy are in trouble. Discrimination cases are very popular among plaintiff attorneys, who may be able to collect double attorney fees from losing employers. 

WAGE/HOUR VIOLATIONS: The USDOL investigates complaints on an anonymous basis from your employees and conducts a complete audit of your compensation practices- going back 2 years- 3 years if they believe the violations were willful.

EMPLOYEE DISABILITY.FMLA, ADA, and Michigan Law.  You have a legal duty to accommodate disabled workers.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. The IRS audits for the miss-classification of employees as independent contractors. Independent contract agreements must comply with the IRS 20 question test. A key item: remain under 50 employees to avoidObamacare.

ILLEGAL WORKERS Failure to be in compliance with new Homeland Security regulations may cost employers over $ 1,000 per violation. You must have I-9 forms and related proof of citizenship and the right to work on file for every employee.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and UNFAIR COMPETITION  Don’t let anyone steal your customers, trade secrets, and resources. Effective non-competition agreements can save your business.Protect your customer lists, pricing policies, business procedures, and other trade secrets.

COMPUTERS, E-MAIL, and the INTERNET.Improper use of your electronic media can cost your customers and business. The 4th Amendment protects employee privacy. Therefore, you must have a written policy to search your own computers and implement a computer forensics program.

UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION CLAIMS: How to reduce your exposure to unemployment claims and related liability.

PROPERTY TAX APPEALS. I represent for your business during tax appeals to your tax assessor, the board of review, and during appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.


My goal is to establish or enhance the corporate legal/HR function for your organization. I look forward to formulating a specific program and retainer agreement to meet your specific organizational needs. I will help you to stay in business, out of court, away from governmental interference, and union free.