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Labor Law Experience

Tom is dedicated to keeping employers out of legal trouble and out of court. Unlike law firms, that profit from litigation, Tom realizes that employers are farther ahead by avoiding courtroom battles. Rather, employers should be free to do what they do best: operate their own businesses at a profit. Tom’s employee handbooks, seminars, and strategies are all about helping employers avoid union drives, employee lawsuits, discrimination claims, and associated red ink.  He helps employers achieve and maintain union-free status. Tom assists employers with all governmental relations and administrative law issues.

  • Positive employee relations: becoming a union free employer.
  • Positive employee relations: remain a union-free employer.
  • Tom has successfully handled over 50 union drives for employers
  • Employee handbooks.
  • Seminars: Labor and employment law, hiring, firing, labor relations,
    union free, union drives, wage and hour.
  • Labor negotiations, human resources management, and corporate legal.
  • Independent contractors.
  • Hiring and firing.

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How to Maintain a Successful Union-Free Workplace

  • Do you have an updated employee handbook?
  • Know what to do when confronted with a union organizational campaign.
  • Avoid committing unfair labor practices: what every manager must know.
  • Formulate an effective union-free strategy: your union-free action plan.
  • Start work today on positive employee relations programs- before the union files for an election with the NLRB.

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