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Wills Seminar

Tom presents a seminar on why everyone needs a will at St. Mary Catholic Church, Williamston on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 7 PM. The following topics will be discussed:

Your Will and St. Mary Church

1. 70% of Americans do not have a Will
2. Who raises my minor children?
3. No Will? See the Probate Court.
4. Michigan Probate rules and forms:
5. Property division: An equitable distribution of assets. Or…does money make people funny? The solution- Create your own list.
6. How to draft a will. Holographic Wills. Michigan’s statutory Will (MCL 700.2519, Public Act 386 of 1998).
7. How an attorney can help you.
8. Subjects and issues. Children. Money. Personal property. Real estate.
9. Bequests to the Church.
10. St. Vincent de Paul store, 5206 South Cedar (517) 272-1273
11. Your Personal Representative (Executor).
12. Durable Power of Attorney.
13. Patient advocate.
14. Where do I keep my will?
15. Funeral arrangements
16. Trusts.
17. Life insurance. See- Knights of Columbus: (800) 345- 5632. Or
18. Estate taxes.
19. Informal and unsupervised probate.
20. Close the estate.