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Right to Work


Michigan becomes a right to work in April. Please note: Even if employees decide to resign from a union, employers must continue to bargain with that union under the Federal Labor Law. Please take a look at my new Right to Work program, which is offered as both an in house management training session, and a seminar for employer associations:

Right to Work


How To Employ the Union-Free Advantage


  • Michigan’s new Right To Work laws.
  • The Federal Labor Law.
  • What it costs employers to have a Union: saving more than 30% in labor costs.
  • Create your union-free action plan:  Once a Union drive begins, you cannot make changes.
  • Prepare now for a Union drive or Union de-certification election.
  • How to avoid NLRB Unfair Labor Practice Charges.
  • Why do employees vote for or against Unions?
  • Special Feature:  Take a labor relations IQ quiz.


Michigan Employers and Right To Work. You will learn how the law operates, what its impact will be with regard to union organizing, union relationships with employers, and how Michigan employers should react to the change in the law.

The NLRB.  How the Federal Government is hard at work making things more difficult for you. You will learn about  recent NLRB decisions , the negative impact those decisions may have on your business, and how to protect your company.

The Labor Law- how the NLRB establishes unions without elections:  Your Labor Relations IQ. Union campaign tactics and strategies. The NLRB’s election process. What you should and should not do: management’s election campaign. Labor law violations which certify a union without an election. Unfair labor practices.

Why employees vote for and against Unions:  Employers usually get the unions they deserve. What employees want from their jobs. What specific employment policies compete with union promises.

Positive Employee Relations and Making Unions Unnecessary.  Establish policies to discourage unionization- become super competitive. How to communicate your position on unions. Employee safety, health, and environmental programs. Compensation and benefits. Employee handbooks and just cause employment.

Answers to your Labor Relations IQ Quiz. How even one wrong answer can result in an NLRB order to bargain without an election.


  • How the Freedom to Work law operates
  • What Freedom to Work means to union and non-union businesses
  • How your company should make use of Freedom to Work legislation
  • Changes the NLRB wants to make in the Labor Law
  • How your business can protect its own interests in this pro-union environment


Thomas Fredericks is an attorney in Williamston, Michigan, specializing in labor and employment law.  Tom has served as an administrative law judge with the Michigan Tax Tribunal and teaches labor and employment law at Central Michigan University.  Tom has ten years of public and twenty years of private sector experience in labor and employment law- representing management. Tom has litigated labor and employment law cases, written employee handbooks, negotiated collective bargaining agreements with the UAW, Teamsters, Steelworkers, AFSCME, SEIU, and UFCW unions, and helped decertify many unions.

A Special Note regarding EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS

Every employer wanting to remain or become union free should have a properly-drafted employee handbook.  The handbook is essential during union organizing campaigns.  Your employee handbook addresses pay, benefits, job security, and other key items promised by labor unions.  Electronic Mail, the Internet, and Computers. Protect your trade secrets, too.

To get started on your new employee handbook: please send me your employment policies, fringe benefit summaries, summary plan descriptions, work and safety rules, employment memorandums,  policy letters, and existing employee handbook  to:

Let’s get started now, before the union drive begins.  (517) 655- 4100.

Thomas S. Fredericks