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The Insider Threat: How to Manage Employee Electronic Use & Safeguard Your Business


Tom is teaming with Private Investigator and co-author Jim Carter on a new book published by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. While Tom discussed the legal precautions every employer needs to know- Jim writes about the electronic techniques and programs he and Techmotives offer to protect sensitive corporate data. Tom strongly recommends Jim and his fine company. Jim’s background is outlined as follows:    

 James B. Carter is the President of Techmotives Consulting Group, Inc.  He is a seasoned information technology professional with a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and 28+ years of experience. Techmotives provides corporate data protection services, training, and consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.  Mr. Carter has co-authored a book on protecting sensitive business data from the insider threat and conducted seminars on the subject.

Under the direction of Mr. Carter, Techmotives also provides computer forensics services for corporate and family law clients.  His computer forensics experience includes formal investigations through a licensed Professional Investigation (PI) agency since January 2008 and informal investigations as an information technology professional since 1985.  He has served as an expert witness in Michigan Circuit and Federal Courts.

Mr. Carter’s past personal responsibilities have also included:  technical consulting, software development (programming), data management, technical product design, computer networking, project management, technical support, training, technical writing, corporate management, and sales & marketing.  He has developed technical courseware and taught advanced courses in: computer operating systems, systems architecture, computer programming, database management, and computer networking.

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