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New Seminars for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce

During February, Tom and Jim Carter will present a series of seminars dedicated to protecting sensitive corporate data and keeping employers away from legal trouble. Among the subjects to be covered are: Insider Electronic Threats to Businesses: Unfair Competition, Embezzlement, and Missing Data………………

The seminars will be presented at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce headquarters building on February 25th, and in Novi’s Walsh College on February 27th. While the subject matter is currently under study and development- the seminars are based upon Tom and Jim’s new book for the Michigan Chamber entitled: Manage Employee Electronic Use Safeguard Your Business.

Please contact the Fredericks Law Firm at (517) 655- 4100 for assistance on employee handbooks, acceptable electronic use policies, non-competition agreements, and offer letters of employment. For Jim Carter, please visit…

Act now to protect your business from electronic piracy, embezzlement, and other electronic threats to you.