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Labor & Employment Law

Contract of employmentEmployment Law is a broad area including all areas of the employer/employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labor law and collective bargaining. Many employment laws (e.g., minimum wage regulations, employment discrimination , workers’ compensation, workplace safety, Whistleblower, & Qui Tam ) were enacted as protective labor legislation. 

Labor and Employment Law

  • Positive employee relations: becoming a union free employer
  • Positive employee relations to remain a union-free employer.
  • Employee handbooks.
  • Seminars: Labor and employment law, hiring, firing, labor relations, union free, union drives, wage and hour.
  • Labor negotiations, human resources management, and corporate legal.
  • Independent contractors.
  • Hiring and firing. 

pdfView Tom’s Supplement  to the class “Collective Bargaining and Labor Law”, Economics 515, at Central Michigan University (This is a pdf file) Click Here to Download Collective Bargaining and Labor Law, Economics 515

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